Friday, September 24, 2010

DCM october - and my poster design!

make sure you chuck the 3rd of october into your diaries... its the next devonport craft market day and its extra special this month cos i designed the poster! hehe :) i do enjoy a little dabble in graphic design every now and then! Thanks to Sarah B and Sarah M for the opportunity ...



check out these cute little dresses from gorgeous korean shop luphia... bring on summer! i can just see myself lounging around beach side with good company, salty hair and a cold bevvy in hand xx


book for ipad

Love this new case based on an old idea. BOOK for iPad is a hand made hard cover book jacket on the outside, with a sleeve tailored to the iPad on the inside. Protect your digital device safely and then shelve it, carry it, put it in a book-bag, or leave it on the coffee table. BOOK is made with the highest grade of sustainable, durable, and natural materials to insulate your iPad in an enduring style.


Monday, September 20, 2010

alex perry for diva...

i got a bit excited when i walked past diva at st lukes yesterday afternoon... alex perry is turning his hand to accessories with a new collection for chain store Diva... and it is gorgeous!

"I wanted feminine and pretty with an edge of contemporary glamour and the fresh, sexy design that Diva is followed for," says Perry. "The idea is to bring clothes to life with beautiful butterflies and pretty strings of beads that drape and adorn any gorgeous gown." 

True to Perry’s high-voltage style, shoppers can expect dazzling cocktail rings, enchanting chandelier earrings, feminine corsages, flirty feathers and uber-glam bangles. 

the collection is in stores now. 


sustainable bridal design by deborah milner

The white lace used to craft the "Bridal Lace Dress" is made from melted plastic bags. The lace was created using Japanese shibori technique- After tying small knots in white plastic bags, the pieces were hot-ironed between tracing paper. This melted the plastic into "lace," which was then mounted on silk tulle and appliqu├ęd. Recycled nylon forms the netting of the underskirt and Swarovski crystals give the dress an elegant finish. Ironing and melting the bags "started as an experiment, but the results were much better than I had expected," said Deborah.

via 'couture interiors' by marnie fogg


karen walker paints

a beatiful combination of my two favourite things - fashion and interior design... the ingenious idea resene came up with was to get a well known new zealand designer to come up with a paint collection... brilliant - they should definitely do more - i would love to see what kate sylvester or juliette hogan comes up with! 

A tailored blend of most of the hues from the original collection, the new collection pushes the boundaries out to lavenders and Te Henga inspired hues embued with names such as Weathered Blue and Cliff Face Grey. The new collection includes 42 complex hues, each carefully crafted to give effortless mix and match options yet strong enough to work in isolation if simplicity is sought.Oozing creative design and confidence, the collection is no fuss, no frills; just stylish distinctive colours that you can personalise to suit your individual style. Specifying the new hues is easy with samples of the Karen Walker range available in 55ml testpots, A4 drawdowns and the large 10cm x 6cm self-adhesive samples. Combining the strengths of two truly Kiwi brands, decorators can now buy the latest Karen Walker fashion tinted into their favourite quality Resene paints.

Karen Walker Paints

The unique palettes are at once soothing and intriguing, and utterly inspiring!

karen walker paints city sage fashion.jpg

Walker drew inspiration from the Bauhaus movement of the 1920's, creating and combining shades for emotional rather than technical resonance. The color stories speak of long, lazy days by the sea; weathered and sun-faded rooms; the quiet peace that a home acquires with the passage of time.

karen walker paints city sage fashion2.jpg

Not only are the paints phenomenal (they have names like Moody Lavender and Donkey Brown!), so too are the teeny tiny Bauhaus dioramas that capture each palette's mood. Built by stylist Katie Lockhart (check out my previous post i did on a collaboration she did with karen walker for her jewellery range), they're the grown-up design snob's answer to a childhood obsession with miniatures---because you know you've been waiting for a reason to pull out your old dollhouse!

karen walker paints city sage fashion3.jpg

Karen Walker colours are available exclusively from Resene ColorShops nationwide. Visit the Resene ColorShop nearest you for a copy of the Karen Walker colour chart, or order your copy online.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

nimes house, france

obsessed with eveything french at the moment, an obsession that isnt helped by the fact that my parents are in paris at the moment... i just adore the simple, rustic nature of this house very typical of french country style...


Friday, September 17, 2010

vicente villarin spring 2010


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