Monday, June 27, 2011


thought I'd share a few snaps from my recent trip to thailand via singapore... was such an amazing trip, a good mix of business and relaxation... on freezing cold and wet days like today I shut my eyes and take myself back to the long hot sunshine filled days, white powdery sand beaches, crystal clear aqua coloured bath temperature water, palm trees, friendly smiling faces, snorkelling, good food, cocktails and the lingering scent of frangipani... heaven on earth xx

on the ferry coming into phi phi island

restaurant out the front of our hotel on phi phi

grand palace - AH-mazing.

grand palace 

frangipani <3


tuk tuk!

temple in chinatown

pet snakes! haha

floating markets on river cruise in bangkok

rive cruise

shrines on beach, ko phi phi

there were cats everywhere! this little kitty took a liking to me on the beach! hehe

outside our hotel on phi phi

pretty lights in a restaurant in phuket


chanel store, singapore

skyscrapers, singapore

cocktails in phuket

amazing rocks on trip to railay beach

cute beach shack cafe on railay beach


huts on phi phi

our cute lunch spot on a secluded beach on phi phi

phi phi lookout

my new buddy

giant shopping mall own the road from our hotel in bangkok

giant electronics mall in bangkok

pretty buddha shrine


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