Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Panteón Nube

I have long been interested in the area where spirituality and Architecture meet - the notion of the Sublime and the overwhelming sense of awe one experiences when entering these spiritual spaces. Panteón Nube is Spain is a stunning example of this.

From - 
Death inspires human beings with something between mystery and fear. To die means a transition between this world and others that nobody knows. The tomb is where this transition takes place.

According to this situation, tombs should be closed forever, and their doors should never be opened. It should be impossible to open them, even if you want, so there are no handles or locks. The doors insert themselves in the walls, merging together. Therefore, the entrances are secret, just like the transits that occur inside. In fact, the façade can be only opened in a specific way, almost a combination that only the owner knows.
Inside we find a cloud that gets crossed by sunbeams: an atmospheric situation that can be found in the nature and that, linked to our cultural references of the Divine, stimulate our spiritual side. That moment gets crystallized in the abstraction of the white cloud, the end of a way that, starting from the basement ascends to the intermediate platform and goes on until the cloud’s space, where our sight gets lost in the abstract and unreal atmosphere that fills the place.


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