Friday, July 8, 2011

GH3 Canada

How amazing would it be to own a piece of land so remote that when designing a home to put on it you dont even have to take the issue of privacy into account? 
This glass house, The Williams studio, situated on Stony Lake in Canada, is a photographer's home and studio. 

Designed by GH3 the brief included simplicity, open spaces and a unity between exterior and interior spaces.  The double-height space provides the photographer owner with unparalleled light and natural illumination, while the 360 degree glass backdrop provides an ever-changing backdrop with nature. 

Sitting jutted out over the water's edge, the entire building appears to almost float over the water when inside. 

Although it looks like a literal ice box in winter, the architects considered inclusion of granite's thermal mass that saps up the sun allows it to remain warm. 

The mezzanine floor houses the bedroom, bathroom and closet which can be concealed from the rest of the space by sliding glass. White lacquered panels with reflective qualities diffuse light in every part of the interior, making it the perfect canvas for artwork, and the perfect space for photography...


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