Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inspiration from Living Space

So I've been pretty slack with my blogging for the past few months, I discovered pinterest {amazing} over my christmas break and have kinda just been using that to keep all my inspiration so have just been using that, but I've had a few people ask what's happened to my blogging so thought I'd get back into it! Here is a wee collection of lovely images I've found on one of my favourite facebook pages, Living Space . I just adore stylist Jane Catania's aesthetic, she embraces the natiural wear and tear of objects and materials, the patina that can only come with the passage of time, not imitated by any man made means. I think that is why I am so drawn to antiques, they have such character and bring a homely warmth to an interior space. I have started a collection of images on pinterest {here} which I have titled 'beauty in imperfection'; it touches on the notion of wabi sabi which is closely related to zen buddhism (although very different, has similar underlying concepts to minimalism) -something I love to incorporate into interior space.


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