Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jeena Shin

I am a little excited to have just discovered a NZ artist working with concepts I have been exploring in my designs for about 6 years now.

 Jenna Shin's Artspace Stairwell Project (1973-) 2009-2011, the work in progress (and process) was conceived as a way of drawing attention to what is essentially a transitional space between the outside world beyond the stairwell (and that peeks in through the windows) and the gallery above. 

This notion of inside and outside, fold and unfold is indelibly marked within Shin’s abstraction, where an exploration of the ambiguities of spatial properties by way of finely nuanced colour gradations, geometric symmetry/asymmetry and layering is played out. It is by unsettling or toying with our perceptions of these traditionally conceived binary states that Shin’s Stairwell Project hints towards the permeability of space and the structures within it. Shin utilises not only the existing and altered structures but the natural properties of light spilling in through the windows to lend additional resonance, making each visit an experience of subtle perceptual change.

It's fascinating stuff she is working with, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of her work in person...


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